About us

JSC “Elvata Baltic” is a company which specializes in the design, assembly and delivery of various instruments designed for reconstruction and modernization of obsolete equipment, and also for capital development of new facilities - for collection, production, transportation, processing and storing of oil, petroleum products, natural gas, and for a number of metrological, chemical, power engineering and nuclear facilities. Our company is a certified distributor of high-quality industrial equipment from the following manufacturers, with examples:
  • Bruel & Kjaer Vibro (Denmark) – instruments for balancing shafts and vibration;
  • ROMACON (Netherlands) – equipment to repair couplings;
  • SEG (Woodward) – electrical equipment;
  • Check Point (England) – pumps;
Similarly, JSC “Elvata Baltic” provides pumping equipment, which includes centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps and dosing pumps, from world-known manufacturers such as “Saer” (Italy), “Sigma” (Czech Republic), “Seko” (Italy) and “Check Point” (England).

Please note that JSC “Elvata Baltic” is an engineering company and manufactures reproaching injection pump sets on the basis of pump equipment coming from the “Check Point” factory.
We supply:
  • Medium/high power electrical rotating machines with:
  • Synchronous motors;
  • Induction motors;
  • Gas turbines and cogeneration plants;
  • Spare parts for compressors;
  • Spare parts for heat exchangers;

All products are certified, with certification for Russia and Belarus (ГОСТ-Р specifically) inclusively, and also with quality assurance certificates.
In addition, our company has introduced a system of quality management according to the ISO 9001:2001 standard.
Our company’s specialists are trained in the repair and maintenance of control/measuring devices. Thanks to this, a broad experience in the service of gas-analyzing control systems has been accumulated.
Our equipment is offered under DAP-station destination conditions in the most optimal and convenient of terms for our customers.