Air dryers

Our company has installed and launched the AD 970 desiccant air dryer and two Atlas Copco GA 160 oil-injected screw compressors for an enterprise manufacturing high pressure hoses. Based on years of experience and research, we have provided our customer the best solution for the drying of compressed air.

For reliable protection of the enterprise’s air protection system, desiccant air dryers with dew points of  -40°C and -70°C are used.

Some industrial enterprises that have a central air compression system have their piping system positioned outside. The compressed air that passes through this piping system has a humidity of 100%, due to which condensation is formed during the cooling of the overhead network. The formation of condensation causes corrosion in the compressed air system and the defect of the final product.

To eliminate the formation of condensation, air drying is necessary. For each industry, the quantitative description of the allowed moisture content in the compressed air is determined by the globally accepted ISO 8573-1 standard.

Taking into account the various specialties of the climatic conditions on the industrialized territory of our customer, the significance of the 2nd (-40°C) and 1st (-70°C) dew points should be noted.

From the above terminology, it can be implied that condensation in the air network filled with compressed air, dehumidified until class 2, can only occur when the compressed air in the network is cooled down to -40°C.

The Atlas Copco GA 160 oil-injected rotary screw compressors are designed to dramatically improve the performance in the most challenging of jobs. This versatile equipment provides high quality compressed air at the lowest operating costs, even in the most difficult conditions, for example at temperatures up to 46°C.

Benefits for customers:
·         Maximum reliability – all components of our GA 160 compressors provide a long lasting and trouble-free operation. The compressors use the latest screw oil-injected elements and asymmetrical profiles, as well as a cooling system of considerable size, which ensures optimum operating temperature. The improved Elektronikon controller provides complete management and control of all necessary parameters at the inlet and outlet of the compressors.

·         Reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions – the excellent screw elements of the GA series compressors are designed to provide maximum air supply at minimum power consumption. The screw elements are driven by high-performance motors and ensure maximum efficiency of the compressor. Furthermore, the energy recover function can provide additional power savings by the conversion and recovery of heat into hot water produced by the compressor. Finally, the GA compressor can provide power savings of up to 35% by automatically controlling the flow of compressed air according to the consumption of energy.

·         Built-in compressed air preparation system – the GA Full Feature compressor with an integrated cold dryer ensures uninterrupted supply of clean and dry air, thereby prolonging the life of the equipment, increasing the system reliability and avoiding costly downtimes and production delays.

·         Easy maintenance – a wide range of consumables with a long lifetime guarantee the high availability of the GA 160 compressors. All serviceable parts are easily accessible through large folding doors. The service time is reduced to a minimum, allowing further increase of the life cycle of the compressor, and the reduction of the cost of consumables for maintenance.

·         Easy installation – a fully mounted compressor unit includes internal piping, coolers, a motor, lubrication and control systems: all this comes in a ready to use form. Commissioning time is reduced to a minimum. The equipment was immediately put into work after its connection. We would like to thank all the partners and maintenance staff for the prompt and efficient partaking in the launch of this equipment.