Careful - DHL!

Our company has existed for a long time, and over the course of our existence, we carefully select subcontractors for the work that we are unable to perform ourselves.

One of the companies that had become our subcontractor many years ago goes by the name of “DHL”.

                DHL had proven itself as a responsible and respectable organization. Over the course of many years, we have formed a great relationship. This relationship was based on the placement of orders for the transport of goods from/to countries that our transport does not go to, as well as the transport of goods by air or by any other means.

Our relationship, as it had seemed, was based on mutual respect and mutual benefit. DHL also provided us with the necessary brokerage and customs services.

                Recently, however, an incident had happened, which completely undermined our relationship with this company.
We ordered transport, and to be precise, delivery of equipment from the US to Lithuania. This equipment was intended to be transported to a third country. During the delivery, which DHL had done on numerous occasions with the same equipment of the same US company, DHL had made a gross error in the registration of customs documents, and as a result had violated the customs legislation of Lithuania, and the reasons for such a violation are still unknown to us. The only thing that we can say, is that it was most likely due to unprofessional actions of the employees in DHL.
Rather than admit its incompetence and fix the issue at hand, the said company (DHL) had taken unprecedented action for us. DHL demanded that we pay for all the costs incurred in the form of fines and such, as a result of their mistake.
DHL sued our organization by arresting our bank accounts with the assistance of bailiffs. As it turned out, literally anyone that thinks that somebody else owes him can do such a thing, if legal claims and arguments are present. We were, of course, shocked by such an action on our partner’s behalf, and were obliged to defend ourselves from the treacherous actions of said company.

What accounted for such steps taken by the DHL organization – we can still only guess. Most likely, the fact of the current economic crisis has also affected said company, and structural changes that occur in said company do not allow to track the employees’ mistakes in time.

Currently, we are in a litigation process with this organization, and we can confidently state that future work with DHL will be extremely difficult, as, by their actions, they had shattered their authority and violated the unwritten rule that the customer pays only carriage expenses, and requiring for us to pay for other made-up reasons is unethical, to say the least, but is at large is the rupture of relations with the customer, i.e. ourselves. We believe that the damage this company has caused through its actions and the profit which it intends to acquire through them is immeasurable, as the authority of the subcontractor, which had been acquired over decades, may be lost once and for all.

Since being DHL’s partner has proven to be not only dangerous but also expensive on our pockets, we will be resuming our activities with other carriers, such as TNT, UPS and FedEx.

Fortunately there is always a choice.