Compressor equipment

Our company took part in a project concerning the installation of compressor equipment for a joint Belorussian-Italian factory that specializes in the production of pneumatic components.

The compressor units were meant to be supplied with air dryers. Our company, together with the representatives of the manufacturer, was fully committed not only to supply the equipment, but to also take part in its launch. A schedule of a partial start-up of the equipment was agreed at the time of the supply of this equipment.

Our specialists had visited the plant in mid-December for the launch of the equipment. The European-made equipment was assembled and installed on the site. No particular comments were made to the employees in regards to installing.
The second part of the equipment will also be supplied to the plant until the new year, and will be installed after delivery.
It should be noted that there was great coherence between our experts and the customer.

In the execution of such contracts, it is not only professionalism that is important, but also the experience of the executives in the intermediate stages. In this instance, we are pleased to note that the experience of the executives was received with respect.

We wish to express our gratitude to all those who had participated in this project, worked well with our specialists and professionally performed their duties, despite some difficulties that were identified during the execution of the project.

Overall, the project was carried out on time.