Trip to Bruel & Kjaer Vibro

Last week, specialists from our company took part in training sessions held by our long-term partners Bruel & Kjaer Vibro in Germany.
The training lasted for 3 days, and the program of the training was extensive.
During the training, new developments of the manufacturer were discussed, along with the acquisition of the new “SETPOINT” monitoring system, which the manufacturer will soon be offering along with its existing system.
The monitoring system SETPOINT is an online monitoring system for vibration and process parameters developed in full compliance with the requirements of the API 670 (American Petroleum Institute Standard 670) for machine protection systems and operates on the basis of the PI System protocol.
PI System provides the collection, storage, analysis, search and visualization of data at all levels of management: from shops to enterprises as a whole. The PI System is installed in 110 countries of the world and is widely used in such industries as oil and gas production, energy supply, metallurgy, mining, paper industry, pharmaceuticals and electric power.
The SETPOINT system measures the performance of the units (relative vibration "OB", absolute vibration "AB", phase indicator (revolutions), continuous monitoring of the process parameters of the unit with the generation of emergency and warning signals (dry contact relay) when the parameters exceed the permissible limits and Transmits the current values ​​of the parameters according to the current loop 4-20 mA and / or according to the Modbus protocol in the process control system.
All the necessary functions are carried out with the help of only 4 modules, simplifying the requirements for the nomenclature of spare parts.
The protection system provides continuous measurements of vibration and process parameters, allowing the user to set the necessary warning and emergency settings and take appropriate actions when exceeding these settings.
The status monitoring system SETPOINT CMS is an additional system to the system of protection of aggregates, which serves as a separate, but related to protective functions purposes.