Centrifugal Pumps
Centrifugal pumps are used in most industries and also in water/wastewater/fire protection/heating systems. They can be made of cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, brass, polypropylene, PVDF et cetera. These pumps are used for water, condensation, acids, gasoline, diesel fuel, thermal grease, chemicals and waste water.
Manufacturers of centrifugal pumps include SAER, Allweiler and KSB.

Drum pumps
Barrel pumps made of stainless steel (1.4301) are suitable for filling combustible and easily flammable liquids. The barrel pumps can conduct electricity and therefore, in combination with an auxiliary antistatic set, fulfill the requirements for handling flammable liquids.

Dosing pumps
Dosing pumps are used to pump water, but are more often used for pumping chemicals and other liquids, and dosing in technological processes. They are used in industrial, waste water treatment and drinking water treatment plants. They are generally used to measure flow rates, which are left almost unchanged when changing the output pressure. The most common dosing pumps include a pump head and a motor. The fluid passes to the pump head through the entrance line and off via the output line. Dosing pumps are designed for dispensing liquids and bulk materials. We offer the simplest dosing pumps to fully automatic dispensing systems to ensure accurate dosing processes. Dose values and dose rates change automatically during operation.  Dosing pumps and dosing systems can be used for aggressive, explosive and even radioactive materials.

Engine-driven pumps
They are pumps specially designed to pump water in which dirt, tree leaves and other impurities with diameters of about 30mm and above are present. Motor pumps can be quickly and easily cleaned and easily disassembled from the front, without the need of any particular tools. Motor pumps can be used to pump impure water in pipeline trenches, cable trenches and flooded basements.